I sit at my desk today with giving thanks for the saints that have gone before us for the saints that continue to walk among us, and for the opportunity to nurture others in the love that God has for them and us.  Yesterday, I gathered with a family around a casket to give thanks to God for their 105 1/2 year old family matriarch.  Whose life shaped their faith in amazing ways.  This saint not only touched her family’s lives but also touched many of us in our church family. 

Every November as we near Thanksgiving… I find myself remembering another saint in my life my grandma died right before Thanksgiving, just shy of 100 years old.   This short but spunky lady had a significant impact on my faith and who I am today.  She had a faith that helped her meet adversity and challenges of life, with an unshakable trust in God and a love for God, her family, and others. 

These two women had much in common, lived through historical events of:  World War 1 and 2, the Great Depression, the first man on the moon, assassination of President Kennedy, 9/11, and many other historical events.  They experienced the evolution of modern conveniences: radio, television, computers, phones, and I would say most importantly indoor plumbing.  These two women also knew struggles and were faced with challenges that life would throw at them.  They handled these challenges with grace and a trust in God’s provision. 

One of the attributes of both of these women as they lived out their lives of faith was their sense of gratitude.   Gratitude for their families and relationships that were in their lives.  Giving thanks and appreciation for the blessings of others, for the time you spent or things you did.  They had a keen sense of the blessings God has given them and they expressed gratitude for those many blessings in how they lived their lives.  They used their many blessings to bless and care for others. 

One of my grandma’s favorite songs, I remember her playing on her 8 track player…was the song “Count Your Blessings”.   It went something like this…

            Count your blessings, name them one by one…

            Count your many blessings see what the Lord has done….

I invite you this month of November to take a moment to count your blessings…. Take a moment to give thanks to God for your blessings.   Also, take a moment to reflect how you are responding to the blessings you have been given.   We are called to be stewards of creation and stewards of our lives… reflect how you are sharing your time, your talents, and your treasures.   We are a blessed people.  Let us live into and out of these blessings with joy and thanksgiving.

As I reflect on the blessings in my life, I give thanks for you.   Beloved people of Trinity Lutheran Churches in Madelia and Truman you are a blessing to me and my family and thank God for the opportunity to be your pastor.  May this month be a time of blessing and gratitude for you and your family. 



Pastor Krista

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