Dear Trinity Faith Family,


We began a prayer practice with our children called Praying in Color.  We are using a Praying in Color pattern to help us countdown to Easter.  Before we begin on normal prayers of worship we pause with the children and have them begin our prayer time reflecting on who Jesus is.  We have been encouraged to think about what we know, how would we describe Jesus in our gospel lesson, what words can we find in scripture, or the ask the congregation option (which by the way the children haven't used much). Have you paid attention to some of the words our children have given us? Here are a few…

love- forgiveness- persistent  - complex -


 friend- powerful - compassionate  - compulsive


If you get a chance take a moment to look at the prayer that is coming together.  As we prepare to enter Holy Week we will continue to add words…I wonder what words we will hear out of the mouths of our children as they hear the story of Jesus entering Jerusalem, of Jesus sharing the Last Supper with his disciples, of Jesus in the Garden, or on trial, or on the cross. I invite you to take some time to think of words you would use to describe Jesus during these events and join us for worship on Sundays, Wednesdays and Holy Week as we continue to reflect on who Jesus is. 



Pastor Krista

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