Dear Trinity Family,


Fall is upon us!  As you look in your bulletins and this newsletter you will see a phrase you may not be familiar with Cross-Generation Sunday School Three times a year I will be leading a Sunday School lesson that is designed for children, youth, their parents, and members of the congregationto gather together participate in faith based activities around scripture and faith practices as we grow together in faith. 


The faith development of our children and youth is our Trinity family responsibility and most of all privilege.  At baptism we welcome our newly baptized into the family of God and worker with us in the Kingdom of God.  How do you suppose our newly baptized learn about: Who God is? The treasured Bible stories we know?  Why these stories are important?  It is through a growing faith… and how does this happen?


My brothers and sisters in Christ it is through relationships.  We know that faith is caught more than it is taught… in other words people observe how we as Christians live out our faith, this includes our children.   We also know that faith is formed thru trusted personal relationships.  Relationships where we share experiences together (God’s Work Our Hands Day or Family Mission Trips) share a bit of our lives with one another.  In a world that seems so connected by technology we have our children, youth and yes, even us adults need to pause and make time for real face to face relationships.  


So I encourage you to take part in our Cross Generation programming.  You need no prior experience teaching, leading.  You need not be an expert on the Bible.  You just need to come as you are make a difference in the faith lives of our children and youth.  You may just be surprised as you interact with our youngest members that you will be blessed. 


Join us October 9th at 10:00am in the fellowship hall for Trinity’s first Cross Generation Sunday School.  Parents come with your kids, and Trinity members without children come join us as we have a time of faith formation fun together. 


I look forward to seeing you at these events. 


Growing together in faith!


Pastor Krista

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