Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,



Lately, I have been struck by the word “remember”.   Whether it is the countess times I tell my children to remember their books, remember their mittens, remember to take the dog out.., or I ask them to help me remember to do something… or being present as they remember loved ones who have died,,, or siting with those that struggle to remember. 


But the word “remember” is a vital part of our faith story and in the seasons of lent, holy week and Easter it is a time for us to remember.  On Ash Wednesday, we gathered together and heard the words, “Remember you are dust and to dust you shall return.”   A reminder for each of us that we are human, and as humans our life is finite and broken.  We are reminded of our need and dependence on the God who created us and loves us beyond what we can imagine.   During Holy Week we are brought into the powerful Old Testament story of the Moses, Pharaoh and the Passover.  An event where God delivers God’s people from bondage of slavery… and commands God’s people to remember.  We hear the story of Jesus gathered with his disciples and tells them that once again God is in the act of delivering God’s people.  We witness the darkness, the betrayal and despair of Good Friday but not as people without hope… And finally on Easter we celebrate Christ’s resurrection remembering God that saves… delivers us!


 I invite you to join us as we gather for worship Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday.  Join us together to hear the stories once again.  To remember, to reflect, to hear the good news for you, to hear the good news for the world. 


Pastor Krista



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