Christ is Risen!  He is Risen Indeed!  Alleluia!  Easter is not over…. So…


What has changed? Are you excited about living this resurrected powerful life?  or worn out by the weight of the world?  Our biblical texts from Easter and following introduces us to Mary and the women at the tomb, Thomas his doubts and his questions, Cleopason his road to Emmaus and how their lives were changed by their encounter with the risen Christ. 


How have you been changed by encounter with Christ?  Have you witnessed Christ at work in the lives of others?  Have you been the hands, feet or embrace of Christ for someone in need?  Have you received that touch, call, encouraging word from someone else?


Easter Sunday, a dear friend called as her niece was being driving to the adolescent psychiatric ward at Mayo Clinic in Rochester.  It was early Easter Sunday when their daughter came home high, under the influence of drugs and alcohol, suicidal, and not knowing (remembering) where her car was.   She asked if I would call this beautiful troubled young woman’s parents because they needed to hear a word of hope and maybe they would hear it from me.  My friends I have walked many miles with them faced many family deaths and life moments.  But here we are on Easter Sunday evening… and their lives felt more like Good Friday than the joy of Easter Sunday.   


So what changes with the empty tomb?  What does it mean to a resurrected life with Christ?  For me it means that we can face the “Good Friday” times of our lives and the lives of others.  We can face “Good Friday” the death, darkness, and brokenness and not despair because this is not our permanent mailing address.  We are called to live with the resurrected Christ. 


So Easter Sunday,,, after the joy of two wonderful uplifting worship services, with great music, beautifully decorated churches, and family and friends reclaiming … He is Risen Indeed!  I received a call to walk alongside a family … longing to see the resurrected Jesus … who desperately needed to see Jesus but felt that despair of the Emmaus road.  We prayed together as they drove… reminding them that even though this is scary and dark…and as they found out as they work through therapy that life as they knew it … is dead… but they have been given the opportunity to live again…the life full of despair and brokenness…there is hope of resurrection… Interestingly enough… as they returned home with lots of work to do… they can name specific people and incidents along the way in who they were supported, encouraged, and had seen the risen Christ in them. 


Jesus is alive. when you feel like giving up, when you are discouraged, when you are afraid, when the burdens of life weigh you down… put your faith on.,, Live as like he is alive… he is Christ lives in you!


By the way… There is still room for you to put your faith into action this summer with your family, your friends, your spouse or even grandkids.  Sign up for the Family Mission Trip in Madison today. 


In Christ.


Pastor Krista

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