Dear Trinity Family,


One of my favorite parts of being a pastor happens on Christmas Eve during the candlelight service.   It is one of my favorite parts because I believe I get the best seat in the house.  As I stand up front I see the light of Christ illuminate the faces of the people I have the privilege to walk with on our faith journeys together.  I see the light of Christ shine on the faces of those I couples I have married, faces of my confirmation and Sunday School students, the faces of those who were recently baptized, the faces of those who serve on council, the faces of those who serve at Trinity and beyond. The faces of those who have lost loved ones, the faces of those who have shared both joys and struggles with me.   The candle light part of the service is a time of hope for me.  The light of Christ shines brightly as our sanctuary is illuminated and then you, beloved children of God are sent to share that light of Christ with the world. 


Epiphany is a quiet, at times over looked season - but Epiphany is about sharing this light… the light of Christ is ignites this little light of mine, this little of yours, this little light of ours.  As you think about New Year’s resolutions consider -


            * Being aware of Christ’s light shining in your life each day

                        - try journaling in the evening where you saw God at work

                        - share with spouse or family where you saw God or experienced God


            * Being intentional about sharing the light of Christ with those you love

                        - share with your spouse or family highs and lows of the day a give thanks

                           to God for the highs and acknowledge God presence even in the lows

                        - it is as simple as a smile, opening a door, being present for your loved ones

                           in need…

                        - saying thank you

                        - reminding someone you love - that they are beloved Children of God.


            * Being intentional about sharing the light of Christ with those in need

                        - give to your favorite charity

                        - help out in a community organization

                        - take part in a mission trip


How are you going to let your light shine this year?  I have a suggestion… consider participating in one of the two mission trips this summer.  Help chaperone, send your youth, support our youth in the mission trip to St. Paul this summer.  Or, take part in the family mission trip to Madison, WI or support a family so they can go on the trip.  This is a great way for us as a congregation to let our light shine.   Remember if you are interested in going on these trips to sign up soon!



Let you light shine!


Pastor Krista

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